Reflection and Teaming Survey 2
This survey will help us to better understand how you are experiencing the SoftDes assignments so that we can continue to monitor the degree to we are supporting and challenging you all. We also provide an opportunity to inform how your partner and team project groups are formed, as you reflect on how you are able to engage with this class moving forward. These responses (except for the final comment box) will be shared with the entire teaching team.
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To what degree did Mini-Project 2 challenge you to understand and use new concepts related to recursion, functions, and new data types? *
MP2 presented little to no challenge
MP2 was so challenging that I constantly worried that I would not finish
How did the time you spent on SoftDes work (during MP2) fit with how much time you expect to work on a 4-credit Olin course? *
Your Software Design work includes Reading Journals and/or exploring Toolboxes or other topics related to this course
SoftDes work took way less time than I expected and allocated
SoftDes work took way more time than I expected and had available
Do you have any comments or concerns that you would like to share about the degree of challenge and time/effort requirements for MP2
Your answer
Given your other classes + commitments, and how you've worked in SoftDes so far, do you anticipate giving Mini-Project 3 more or less space than you normally reserve for work on one of your 4-credit classes? *
I anticipate that MP3 will get few of my available work cycles
I anticipate that MP3 will get a considerable amount of my work cycles (potentially taking away from other activities)
How would you describe your current attitude toward MP3 work? *
this is work for a class that I will try to complete to the best of my ability and availability
this is work that I am eager to spend extra time on because it overlaps with my leisure activities / future interests
As we prepare to make teams and partners for future projects, do you think that you would like to work with people who rate their attitude toward work close to yours? *
I currently value pairing with peers of similar working styles and attitudes over exploring my 1st choice in topic or working with particular peers
I am eager to work on a particular topic or with particular peers even if I need to take on a different working style to be a full participant in the project
Other feedback to share?
Note: This response will go to faculty and course assistants. You can submit another response with the name "anonymous" if you would like to submit anonymous comments.
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