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Advancing Scholarship in Medical Humanities

We are proud to offer author awards and publication subventions of up to $7,000 each year, divided among as many applications that qualify. The intention of these awards is to assist authors and editors with the costs associated with publishing (design, proofreading, copyright costs, reproduction fees, digital production, etc.) books that have been accepted for publication by the University of California Medical Humanities Press (UCMHP). Before applying, authors or editors should consult with the UCMHP General Editor on the status of their proposed manuscript and appropriate costs necessary to advance the scholarship to publication in the relevant format. Awards are reviewed and allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis, and subject to the availability of remaining award funds. Awards are provided on the condition the funds are used to support the costs of publication as described in the application form. Before awards can be processed, recipients must also complete a W-9 form to report miscellaneous income.
Name of Author / Editor:
Title of Manuscript:
Has the manuscript been accepted for publication by the University of California Medical Humanities Press?
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Is the publication under review subject to the availability of award funds to assist publication?
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Please briefly describe the use to which the funds will be put to assist publication (e.g., index, digital conversion, copyright costs for images, etc.)
Have you received a quote for these costs from a UCMHP approved vendor? (Please consult with General Editor if you are not sure)
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If you did receive a quote, what is the quoted cost?
How much are you applying for under the terms of this award offer?
Are you receiving funds from another source to assist in the publication of this manuscript? (Would this be considered a “matching fund” request?)
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