University of Toronto: Earth Ring Ceremony 2019 Registration
The Earth Ring Ceremony signifies the passion and dedication of Canada’s next generation of professional geoscientists. To be eligible to participate you must:
1. Fulfill the knowledge requirements for P. Geo status as outlined by the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO)
2. Have graduated or be graduating in 2019

PLEASE NOTE: The last day to submit an order (including payment) will be February 8th, 2019. NO EXCEPTIONS

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to your campus representative:
*please title email 2019 Earth Ring Ceremony*
UTSG: Jessica Patterson (
UTSG: Timothy Lui (
UTM: Mihailo Dzekic ( OR
UTSC: Jacob Mastin ( or Kanika Kaura (

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Earth Ring.
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Ring Size: (Note: Rings are normally worn on the pinky of the writing hand. Ring sizers are available only through EPSA. Students at UTM or St. George must have their ring size completed professionally.)
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APGO Requirements are completed to the best of my knowledge andI understand that any misrepresentations may result in the in my removal from the Earth Ring ceremony. UESA and EPSA reserve the right to revoke participation at their discretion. *
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You may prove that you have taken the relevant courses by: 1. Printing off and attaching your unofficial transcript from ROSI or ACORN. You may black out your GPA, grades, and irrelevant courses for privacy.OR2. Printing off and attaching your Degree Explorer Student Assessment Report. You may omit the academic history section. (Log on to Degree Explorer, click “PDF Report” on the right side of the page)
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