NMFMA Response to COVID-19
In an effort to ensure that New Mexico's farmers have sales outlets as farmers' markets experience decreased customer traffic during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, the New Mexico Farmers' Marketing Association is working to create new sales partnerships. We're working to connect farmers' surplus vegetables with customers who want to buy!

As part of this effort, please answer the questions below and include your New Mexico-grown produce to the list!

We'll be in contact soon as we create links to customers!
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What is the name of your farm/operation? *
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What is your phone number where we can contact you with important, up-to-date information? *
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Do you have surplus vegetables that need to be sold? *
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Have you experienced any difficulty selling to schools during this COVID-19 timeframe? (I.e, Have you had an order cancelled, not been able to reach your district contact, etc.) *
If you answered "yes" above, to which school(s) have you experienced difficulty selling?
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