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Aham Brahmasmi - Upcoming Vedanta Retreats

Sringeri (English)

1. Vedanta Retreat based on Viveka Chudamani in English - 10th to 12th May. (Contribution: ₹3500 + accomodation)
2. Samskara Sudha English - A summer camp for children aged 11 to 17 - 10th to 12th May. (Contribution: ₹3500 + accomodation)

Bengaluru (English)

May 11th & 12thBhagawad Gita 6th Chapter Retreat at Bengaluru  - Jayarama Seva Mandali (AC), Jayanagar 8th Block (Contribution: ₹1800)

  • Kindly note that the fee includes Guru kanike, venue charges, breakfast, lunch, beverages & snacks.
  • These camps are Open to all, there is no Caste, Gender or Age Bar. Chairs will be available for all the participants and there is NO dress code for the sessions.
  • Samskara Sudha / Children's Camp - What will the kids be taught / exposed to ?
    1. Nitya Puja Vidhi (caste/gender no bar)
    2. Foundational information on Dharma
    3. Foundational information on Vedanta
    4. Scriptural overview of Sanatana Dharma
    5. Conversational Sanskrit
    6. Stotra paTana 
    7. Picnic to nearby places etc
  • Kids will be under the care of parents/guardians from 6 PM till 9 AM. The venues will be separated by a 5-minute drive. The venues & accommodation will be 2-3 km away from the main Mutt complex. Good accommodation options will be provided starting from 700 per bed per night.
  • Brief: Vedanta Retreats are being conducted in multiple languages and locations under the divine guidance of Sringeri Jagadguru Sri Sri Vidhushekara Bharati Mahaswamiji. The current batches delve into foundational Vedanta concepts, offering participants a comprehensive preview of what lies ahead. Every two months will usher in the next level of learning, enriching seekers with deeper insights into the profound teachings of Adi Shankara.
  • Kindly note that All communication shall be Via-WhatsApp. So provide your WhatsApp number only.
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