Pattern testing for Girls and Women Dress Pattern
If you are interested in testing one of these patterns or both of them as a set, please fill out this form. For description, sizing and timeline please go to
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Do you have a sample of clothing that you sewed (does not have to be a garment created for a test). Please put the link here (be sure the public has the permission to view it). I prefer to see a garment for adult if you test the adult version, and for a kid if you are willing to test the girls pattern. I need that in order to get an idea of your sewing and photography skills. If you don't have one posted online, please email a photo to me at Be sure to put your name so I can reconcile the application with the photo. *
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Can you provide at least 3 to 4 pictures of the finished garment on yourself or on a model?
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Are you able to have the garment sewn, photographed (modeled on a person) and feedback form completed by Wednesday, February 14th, 2018? *(Deadline may be extended if we have pattern revisions.) *
Check this box to acknowledge that, for this test, you will choose a size (sizes) based on the body measurements table, and you will sew the pattern as it is written.
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