The Walnut Ridge School Parent Survey
Please take a moment to fill out this short survey to provide valuable feedback so we can best serve our children.
I feel welcomed in my child's school (WR) *
I feel my child is receiving a strong education at WR *
I receive adequate communication from the school and school administration about my child and happenings in the building (WR) *
There are adequate opportunities for me to share in my child's education through community and family events at WR *
The facilities at school are clean and well maintained at WR *
The principal, secretary, and main office staff are friendly and helpful at WR *
I feel that my child is safe at school (WR) *
The WR principal and principal's secretary are responsive to emails, phone calls, and communicated concerns of parents *
I feel that the WR principal works to create a school that is student-centered *
The WR principal works to involve families in decision-making when appropriate *
The WR principal incorporates current research and best practices in early childhood education *
I would recommend Walnut Ridge to a friend or family member. *
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