Makin’ It Brockton - Workshop Facilitator Information Sheet
Mission: We aim to be a welcoming space where everyone, especially the residents of Brockton, can create, share ideas, learn, incubate small businesses, develop relationships and show up as their whole authentic selves.

Visit our website to see our vision and mission statement:
Name of Workshop Facilitator (teacher):
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Title of workshop/class:
Description (for marketing purposes):
What are you learning or making or doing in this workshop?
Select which day(s) work best to offer your workshop/class:
Please put actual dates that you would offer your class from now to April 30.
What time of day would you like to offer your workshop/class?
How long is your class?
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Optional: what are your credentials to teach this workshop? Have you done it before?
Target Audience (adults, teens, children...please give an age range):
How many sessions are you offering? Is the same class repeated or series?
Cost of supplies per person (if any) which will increase how much you are paid per person:
Information for workshop facilitators:
- Makin’ it Brockton reserves the right to vet workshops at the discretion of the staff.
- We currently do not have a projector to use for sessions. Please bring everything you need or contact us to resolve your equipment needs.
- All classes will have a $10 fee per person with $5 going to the makerspace and $5 going to the facilitator (the facilitator reserves the right to waive the $5 fee at which point the class would only be $5 with all proceeds going towards the makerspace).
- Any participant under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
- Teachers offering workshops for children under the age of 18 will need to be CORI'd
- The space has capacity for ~10 attendees/students per class for movement oriented classes or ~25 if sitting.
- We request that all workshop facilitators assist in marketing by inviting their personal contacts and members of the public to their classes.
- Benefits for facilitators is exposure to the community, building relationships, connecting with Brockton residents with like interests and fostering relationships that could lead to the start-up of small businesses.
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