Plant Parts in my Kitchen
Do you think you have any plant parts in your kitchen? We bet you do. Plants are awesome because we can eat them in many different forms - you may not have any fresh fruits or veggies in your fridge or fruit bowl, but chances are you have some frozen or canned plant parts!
We want to start out by showing you some examples you might find. Then go on the search and let us know what you found!
In the cupboard: a can of green beans. Yep - these are a plant parts! Green beans are a fruit.
In the freezer: these are plant parts too! Corn kernels are seeds.
In the cupboard: potato chips are made from plant parts! They are made from potatoes, which are roots.
In the fridge: there are 2 plant parts in this jam! Strawberries are a fruit and rhubard is a stem.
In the cupboard: did you know you can eat flowers in your soup?? This soup has broccoli in it, which is a flower.
In the cupboard: this stuffing has a few plant parts in it! One of the main ingredients is sage, which is a leaf. Can you find 2 more plants parts it has?
In the fruit bowl: yep, bananas are a fruit, which is a plant part too!
Now it's your turn: name the plant parts you find
These are just a few examples of plant parts that you might find in your freezer, cupboards, fridge, or really anywhere in your kitchen. Can you find and write down 3 different plant parts in your kitchen? The 6 plant parts are roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds. If you need a refresher on the different types of plant parts that we eat, you can look back at our Plant Parts We Eat flashcards from Week 1.
Name a root you found, and where you found it
Name a stem you found, and where you found it
Name a leaf you found, and where you found it
Name a flower you found, and where you found it
Name a fruit you found, and where you found it
Name a seed you found, and where you found it
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