2nd International Kouksundo Seminar in South Korea, 2019 April 11-21
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The 2nd International Kouksundo Seminar will take place April 11-21, 2019. The seminar is organized for people who are familiar with the practice and the basic theory. For beginners with a wish to participate in the seminar, the minimum required experience is at least 2 months of everyday practice.

The seminar schedule overview:
• April 11-12. Arrival in Seoul, classes in Kouksundo Bonwon.
• April 13. Joining the celebration of Kouksundo Bonwon Anniversary and the ceremony of black belts promotion. Sightseeing in Seoul (optional).
• April 14, morning. Departure to Yeongdong.
• April 14-20. Classes in Yeongdong, trips to the mountains for practice, visiting beautiful places, exchanging the practice experience with Korean practitioners.
• April 21. The end of the seminar, departure.

About the costs. Approximately, the minimum budget of the trip can be estimated at $600, excluding air tickets. The estimated cost includes:
• accommodation (from $40/day for a double room);
• meals (from $20/day);
• transport (train Seoul-Yeongdong-Seoul);
• for the costs of transportation (bus rental), nature reserves' entrance fees etc, $100 will be collected for the seminar common fund.

Please fill out the form to request for participation in the seminar. More detailed information will be available after your request is confirmed.

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