KG Donor Charter 2019
Our Empathy-Based-Charity program invited you as a Member of Donor Circle.

DONOR CHARTER: I agree to join Donor Circle for the next 12 months:
1. I subscribe to the value of Empathy-Based-Charity, that promotes "giving without pride and receiving without shame."
2. I understand that all 100% of donation will be provided to the beneficiaries, who typically are children-in-need. I will receive official tax-exempt receipts for all donations.
3. I understand all children’s need are identified and verified by a jury of teachers in ‘KG Circle’. These teachers are typically from government schools in the inner city of Kathmandu. KehiGaroun does not decide who gets the donation. Donors can contact KG Circle directly for any details such as need-stories or copies of purchase bills etc. Donors may accompany the teachers in purchase or delivery of the charity-materials, anf can attend jury meetings.
4. I agree to receive monthly invitation to donate from Kehi Garoun. I may donate or share the invitation in my network. However, I am not obliged to do anything.
5. I am aware that Kehi Garoun runs on memebrship contribution and hence does not take any share of donation; any exception to this needs pre-approval from the respective donor. In 2019, Kehi Garoun plans to channel around 12 Lac to children in need.
a. Regular Giving takes place in an on-going basis, based on urgency. This program will cover around Rs 10k a month.
b. Campaign Giving are typically Rs 12 Lac a year, and teachers are expected to raise 25% of the donation-needs.

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