Courtesy Award Nomination
For the past 50 years, the Berea Chamber of Commerce has presented the Grindstone Award to citizens of Berea who have made this a better community in which to live. Last year, the Berea Chamber of Commerce expanded the awards program to also acknowledge community members who have displayed exemplary examples of courtesy in their line of work through the Courtesy Award. Candidates for this award should demonstrate qualities such as exemplary performance and achievement in making significant contributions to their organization and showing commitment to their organization’s mission and core values. They should also demonstrate excellence in customer service and personal interaction by enabling an environment that fosters collaboration, communication and cooperation among colleagues and the public. Candidates should show outstanding initiative and creativity in their efforts to improve processes and increase efficiency. Finally, nominees should be those who look for ways to build positive working relationships and demonstrate superior professionalism in dealing with difficult situations. The Grindstone and Courtesy Award winners will be honored at an awards banquet to take place in April.

The recipient of both the Grindstone and Courtesy Awards shall be decided by the Grindstone Award Selection Committee. That committee shall be comprised of the current and past Chairman of the Board, President, Vice President and Executive Director (non-voting member) of the Berea Chamber. The current Berea Chamber Chairman of the Board shall serve as Chair of the Selection Committee.

Criteria for the Courtesy Award is as follows:

1. Award is to recognize individuals who go above and beyond in their line of work to serve their customers or the public.
2. Nominations can be submitted by anyone who has been positively impacted by the nominee including employers, supervisors, coworkers, customers, students, or the general public.
3. There are three categories for the award which will include employees of for profit, not for profit and government organizations in the city of Berea. Examples of not for profit organizations include Baldwin Wallace, Ohio Guidestone, SCAN Hunger Pantry, and Berea Animal Rescue. Examples of government organizations include Berea City Schools, Berea City Hall, Post Office and Cleveland Metroparks.
4. Multiple awards in each of the three categories (for profit, not for profit and government) may be made each year at the discretion of the Selection Committee.
5. Nominees must work for an organization within the city of Berea, but do not need to be a resident of the city.
6. Nominees will be eligible to win the award only once.
7. Previous Grindstone Award winners are not eligible to be honored with a Courtesy Award.
8. Board of Trustees members for the Berea Chamber of Commerce are not eligible.
9. The award banquet ticket cost for each honoree will be complimentary.
10. The honoree must be able to attend the award banquet to be eligible to receive the award.

Nominations must be submitted by Friday, February 23, 2018
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