[JCL] 2020 Captain's Report for "no result" or forfeited matches (Confidential) [JCL]2020ノーリザルト・試合放棄用キャプテンズレポート
All JCL team captains are required to fill out the form below for each JCL game played by their team in the 2020 JCL season that is a "no result" or was forfeited. These details will be kept confidential by the JCL Committee. Your cooperation is appreciated.
*Please note that answers are required for asterisked questions*
Date of match(日付) *
(Please enter in DD/MM/YYYYY format)(DD/MM/YYYYの形式で入力ください)
JCL Division (JCLディビジョン) *
Select your team(所属チーム) *
Your name(名前) *
(If you're not the captain of your team, please indicate your position in the team (e.g. "Vice captain", etc.))(あなたがキャプテンで無ければチーム内の役職を入力してください 例:バイスキャプテン)
Select your opponent(相手チーム) *
Was the match a "no-result" or was it forfeited? (この試合はノーリザルトでしたか?それとも棄権試合でしたか?) *
Enter your team list (チームリストを入力ください)
Please enter a team list of eleven players for this game (if your team forfeited the game, enter a list of the players you had available). 試合に出場する予定だった選手を入力ください(もし試合放棄した場合は、出場できた選手を入力ください) )
If you have any other comments about the match in general, please enter them here. ( 試合についてその他のコメント等があればご記入ください。)
Thank you for your cooperation! ご協力ありがとうございました!
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