PE Electives
Please READ the descriptions of each PE elective below. Courses may rotate each semester.
You will select your first-third choices. All courses are subject to change. Your placement will be based on preference, available space and class schedules.
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Running Group
Developing and maintaining cardiovascular exercises through routine daily running. Students will discover their strengths as either a short distance sprinter or long distance runner. Students can sign up for this elective and during the first week classes will be split into specific groups according to skill. Students should always be prepared with running shoes and a water bottle.
This course is designed to introduce students to the basic postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods of yoga. Students will begin to experience the benefits of stretching, moving, and breathing freely as they relieve built up stress, learn to relax, and ultimately get more out of day to-day life. **All levels welcome!
Conditioning /Boot camp
This class will strives to develop student at basic muscular and cardiovascular levels. Students will be instructed to perform a wide range of weight baring exercises to develop overall body strength. Additionally, students will perform exercises through resistance training with weights or bands to improve overall strength.
Boxing 101
Introduction to boxing/self defense Content: Boxing as a self-defense mechanism to assist with awareness of how to defend oneself through the art and science of boxing. (Beginning level course that could evolve into intermediate)
180 Degree program
Social/Emotional development program for middle school students. Social emotional development of making right choices, developing healthy values that services others. Learning how society functions and your role and responsibilities expected through the knowledge of self.
All About Sports
Advance exposure to sports. Our sports class will direct the following sports (depending on space) flag-football, basketball, ultimate Frisbee and soccer. Each sport will be divided into 3-4 week offerings during each semester. Instruction for each sport will focus on basic fundamental skills building, understanding of rules and basic strategies of how to play.
Sports Focus: Ultimate Frisbee
Students will learn about the player positions typical of an advanced Ultimate Frisbee game and play organized games.
Sports Focus: Soccer
Developing soccer skills through exercise drills and scrimmage games.
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