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Before and After Care Rules and Processes
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Before and After Care Agreement Acknowledgement
I acknowledge that this is a fee based program and payment is required upon date of service. Any outstanding balance is required to be paid by Friday of the week of service in order to return the following Monday. Accounts not paid on time will not be allowed to continue with this service until balance is paid in full.

I further acknowledge, as a fee-based program, Early Bird and After Care, in the following with Lee County School Code of Conduct, assume no liability of lost, stolen, and/or damaged personal property. Electronic using is at the carrier's own risk.
Parent Acknowledgement: I agree that the above Early Bird and After Care Information may be executed by my electronic signature of this district form, which shall be considered as an original signature for all purposes and have the same force and effect as a manually signed original document and the document shall be binding on receipt of this form. * *
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