Student Food Collective: Food Buying Club interest form!
A food buying club pools the collective buying power of a group of people to purchase in bulk and at wholesale prices from local producers and distributors. These large-scale purchases are then divided among the members to provide affordable, fresh, locally-sourced foods. This differs from a CSA in that the members democratically participate in choosing what products they are interested in purchasing. Essentially, it's a food co-op without a storefront!

The Student Food Collective is working to create the foundations for a food buying club right here at UCLA. The information in the following form will help us cater the logistical setup of the club to our specific community.

For Spring 2013 we are meeting every Tuesday at 6-6:30PM in Humanities A48, during which we coordinate orders and pick-ups. If after taking the survey you want to hear more, come join us!

**This survey is by no means binding. We're just trying to get a sense of what the people want!**

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