Markets by Dream Day Application
I want to thank you for considering to be a part of either our Brooklin store or our new store in downtown Bowmanville.

66 Baldwin St
unit 304
Brooklin (Whitby), ON
We have 37 car parking at the back for free. We also have a private patio.

62 King street west
Bowmanville, ON
We have 15 private free car parking at the back of the building.

To keep things fair for our other vendors and customers we won't be taking any "like" items and only a few of each vendor in some categories. Please make sure you leave a complete list of all items you wish to bring, any items not listed will not be allowed. If we do not have a vendor selling the item you wish to add, only then will you be allowed to bring additional items not listed in the section provided.

All items will be rang through our main register with payouts being to vendors every 2 weeks by cheque. Please note you do not stay and sell the items yourselves. All products must be individually tagged with a price and product code - product code will be provided once payment has been made. We can not sell any items without a product code or price attached.

Information on how we got started;
My name is Sarah and I guess you could say I'm the mastermind behind Dream Day Cookies. I started up my business when I was on maternity leave with my first daughter Emma, who is now 4. My husband and I decided it would make sense for our family for me to take some time off to spend with our new little daughter, we never expected our little cookie business to take off as it did. My mom and sister started helping me Christmas of 2017 and I couldn't do all that I do without them. I now have a 2 year old, Mia and ended up moving our cookie business out of my home and into a rented space at my moms - this was where we acquired our first Market space. After chatting with some fellow makers, 18 of us decided to all come together for Christmas 2018 and Markets by Dream Day was born.

Your monthly vendor membership includes;
* You keep 100% of the sales rang through the register.
* Daily/ hourly tiding of market space and stocking as needed by one of our associates.
* Sales associates trained in your products so we can provide all customers with information as needed.
* Access to our private vendor only facebook group; this is great for connecting with other vendors and for new vendors to reach out to our veterans, who have been with us since the beginning on what to expect.
* You can pop up monthly for free with your full line during a "Meet the Maker". This is a perfect time to meet your customers and to do custom orders on spot. Please note that all sales will be rang through the main register and paid out with your regular 2 week payments.
* Items listed on our website, if you so choose.
* Facebook and Instagram recognition - professional photos done by a photographer.
* We will be open a minimum of 5 days a week including all weekend unless a statutory holiday. We will have extended hours for weeks leading up to holidays.
* We will charge the customer (not you the vendor) a 13% processing fee on top of all sales that Markets by Dream Day will keep. This helps us with housekeeping, supplies and to have a trained sales associate in at all times. This will help keep the cost down to you the maker.

Brooklin & Bowmanville Location; we will be offering shipping services for makers who live further away and would prefer to send us their items, then make the drive. We will also be offering a shuttle service between the two stores, so if you live closer to one store you can drop your products off there by a certain day and we will take them to the other store and stock for you. We will be offering pick ups and workshops at both locations.

We pride ourselves in having the finest quality of products from makers for our customers. Your application will be reviewed by a panel and only applicants who have been accepted will be given notice by email. Please do not email us to check up on your application, if you didn't get in this time you will be put on a waiting list. Once you have been accepted you have 48 hours to make your payment or we will move unto the next person in line. We will be reviewing you based on quality of work and social media presence. You will be asked to promote the Market at least once a week on both Facebook and Instagram. We ask that when applying you keep in mind that all items must have a "handmade" locally aspect to them.

Please keep in mind to make sure all Market spaces stay within the theme and "look" of our store, Markets by Dream Day has veto power on how your space is set up. This is why during the application process we ask that you send us photos and/or a sketch of what your space will look like. We ask that if you wish to attach anything to the wall that you talk to Markets by Dream Day first, for this reason we prefer free standing displays. If at anytime you do not follow the rules stated, or if Markets by Dream Day believes you are not a fit for our clientele, or if we so choose to for any reason, we (Markets by Dream Day) reserves the right to rescind, refuse or cancel this agreement at anytime. By electronically signing this document you agree to abide by our rules and regulations as set out in this document. You will be allowed to only pick out your market space once payment has been received. Market spaces are first come first serve and there will be no refunds.

For pricing and more details on what we offer, please sign and move onto the second page.

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By Electronically signing below with your name you agree to all that has been stated in the document/form so far. Write your full legal name (first and last) in the space below if you agree. *** Please note this document only becomes binding if you are chosen and make a payment. *
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