Digital Credentials - The Past, Present, and Future: meeting highest standards
Digital Credentials - The Past, Present, and Future: meeting highest standards
February 4, 2021
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM EST

Kim Cameron - Chief Identity Officer - Trybe.ID & former Microsoft Chief Architect of Identity

Kim Hamilton Duffy - Architect, Digital Credentials Consortium & Dean, Digital Learning - MIT

Guy Pearce - Chief Digital Officer & Chief Data Officer -

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Digital Credentials - The Past, Present, and Future: meeting highest standards
Our understanding of digital identity has undergone important changes since the emergence of our digital lives, and especially over the past 20 years. And, an evolving part of our understanding of digital identity is our understanding of a digital credential, a “proof of qualification, competence, or clearance attached to a person...proving something about their owner...which may also contain personally identifiable information, including biometrics.” Questions of our identity and relationship with technology, including implications for human agency are top-of-mind, as are our rights as citizens and our obligations in holding and creating the data of our fellow citizens.

This moderated presentation and discussion, from leaders in the field of digital identity, starts with the broad principles of identity, presented by our Chief Identity Officer, Kim Cameron, former Microsoft Chief Identity Architect, and author of the seminal 2005 Laws of Identity. The talk then moves to hear from Kim Hamilton Duffy, Architect of the Digital Credentials Consortium at MIT, who shares the journey and thinking of the Digital Credentials Consortium (DCC), from Open Badges, to Blockcerts, up to today’s Verifiable Credentials.

Guy Pearce, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Data Officer finishes with guidance for institutional practitioners in adopting a technologically and morally robust set of guidelines and questions in support of a digital credential implementation plan, aligning with latest tech-sector principles and an institution’s own privacy standards and fiduciary responsibility.
These presentations will be followed by a short, moderated discussion and audience questions. We look forward to an engaging event.

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