Assessment: Getting Back To Your Center
To feel centered is to live life in alignment to your goals and values.

Here is a tool to take note of your goals and compare it to how you are feeling at the current moment.

As you answer the questions, please feel free to share a few words or a few sentences to express your thoughts.
1. To feel list. Create a list of 3 ways or more you would like to feel: *
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2. To be list. Create a list of what you would like to be: (This could be a profession or a title. For example an athlete, a teacher, or a leader) *
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3. To do list. Create a list of action steps you need to take in order to make your "to feel" and "to be" list come true. *
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4. Release list. Create a list of people, place, or thing, emotional, or psychological that are draining you of your energy, blocking you from what you want, and keeping you from experiencing joy. *
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5. What's your current energy level? *
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