Theatre Travels Reviewer Application

Thank you for your interest in reviewing for Theatre Travels

We are currently looking for people across Australia to join our review team. Please note, this is a voluntary position so please read on if that is of interest to you:

What we ask of our reviewers:
- This is an unpaid position - all of us write because we love theatre and genuinely enjoy going to see more shows! No one (reviewers or editors) is paid for the reviews, nor do we charge for the reviews or readership.
- 500-800 word reviews within 36 hours of seeing the show
- 4 photos taken at the show with you featured in at least one of them (we will send you examples) sent to us the night of the show for our Instagram

Reviewers are sent emails with all the invites available and when you're free, you take the tickets, simple as that! There is no strict commitment though we ask that you expect to write approximately 3 reviews a month (sometimes more during festival months when we are busy or less when we aren't). You pick what you go to and when by replying to the emails - it is that easy!

We don't go for overly academic reviews - we go for simple to read reviews that encourage readers to get out and see more theatre. As such, if you have never written before, don't stress - many of our team were new to this too!

All the details will be provided if you are accepted =).

We are a passionate, friendly team who just love theatre and now we would love to see more theatre lovers joining in and writing about the great things happening all around Australia!

Looking forward to hearing from you
x The Theatre Travels Team
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