The Trojan War - Part 2
Answer the following questions using Complete Sentences.

Questions refer to the text above, and the images to the left.

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Page 1
Explain how King Priam and Queen Hecuba learn the identity of Paris:
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Page 2
What causes Helen to fall in love with Paris?
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Page 3
Describe Cassandra's prophecy about Helen:
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Your Opinion:
Based on today's reading, what kind of character is Paris?
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Textual Example
Explain your answer to the above question using at least one example from the text:
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Comic Book Section
Download the Comic version of today's story (to the left.)

Read the comic version and answer the following questions.

Page 1
Paris's brother, the mightiest warrior of Troy is named
Page 2
Paris is warned against bringing Helen to Troy by
Page 3
Helen is already married to
Page 4
Which god or goddess raises a storm against Paris's ships?
Page 5
Agamemnon and Menelaus plan to raise an army and sail to
Page 6
Odysseus had been warned that sailing to Troy . . .
Page 7
Odysseus pretends that he is insane, but Agamemnon proves he is sane by
Web Research Section
Use the internet to answer the following questions, using your own writing.

Do not copy and paste from sources. Re-write the information into your own complete sentences.

Cassandra 1
Who was Cassandra in Greek Mythology?
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Cassandra 2
Why did no one believe Cassandra's prophecies?
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