The Greenhouse - Creative Application
The Project

The Greenhouse is a purpose-built venue coming to the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
The focus of the project is the environment, our relationship to it and the need to help save it.

The Venue

The venue will be constructed primarily from recycled and found materials and will host between 5 and 7 shows there every day for the full month.
There would be no fee for using the space. One of those shows could be yours!

The Productions

Whether you want to direct a show you’ve written/devised/choreographed, or direct one created by someone else, we would love to hear from you.
If you’re a writer or another type of creator we also want to hear about your ideas and we will consider all types of shows and art forms as long as no rights payments are required.

If you are a production team member and you just like the sound of our project but are unattached to a show, please keep going and register your interest as well. We will be looking to build some good teams so we want to hear from you too!

The Deal

If you were to be selected to direct a show we would recommend that you block out the whole of July to rehearse before heading to the Fringe in August. While this month-long rehearsal period would take place in St Andrews you by no means have to be a director already based there.
You can also direct anywhere, provided you have all the cast and crew available to get the production into tip top shape over rehearsals.

If this time frame doesn’t work for you then we are open to hear different rehearsal schedule propositions.


We are open to all your creative ideas so please talk to us before you apply so we can help you tailor them to best fit this project!

Oli Savage - Artistic Director -
Emily Hepher - Executive Director -
Louis Catliff - Creative Director -

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