Shotgun Safety Class Exam
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Always keep firearms pointed in a SAFE direction? *
Keep your finger OFF the trigger until you are addressing your target. *
Be sure of your TARGET, backstop, and beyond. *
A designated Interlake Shotgun Safety Officer (SSO) will supervise all shooting on the shotgun range.  Their commands must be obeyed PROMPTLY  and completely. *
If you have any questions or any doubt about any situation, ask the Shotgun Safety Officer BEFORE acting. *
All shotguns must have the action OPEN until you are on station and it is your turn to shoot. *
Shotguns must be pointed straight UP until you are on station and it is your turn to shoot. *
Shooting at anything other than designated targets is strictly PROHIBITED .  We are a wildlife preserve.  Violators may face expulsion and prosecution. *
ONLY AMMUNITION  provided by the SSO on the day of the shoot is allowed on the shotgun range. *
When it is your turn to shoot, load your shotgun with only ONE  cartridge. *
YELL PULL  when you are ready for your target. *
Clear shotgun of all ammunition BEFORE stepping off the station or moving to the next station. *
You must not leave your shooting station until DIRECTED  by the Shotgun Safety Officer (SSO). *
NEVER  attempt to shoot errant targets.  Simply yell PULL for a new target. *
ANY person may call a CEASE FIRE at ANY  time.  When a CEASE FIRE is called, the following procedures must be followed: Stop shooting IMMEDIATELY ,Keep gun pointed in a safe direction towards the Berm, Stay in PLACE , Await further INSTRUCTIONS *
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