Constitution Party of Virginia Donors and Volunteer Questionnaire
The CPV is preparing for the 2020 Election Season NOW, need candidates willing to run for Member of the US House of Representatives (all 11 Congressional Districts) , Member of the US Senate running against Mark Warner and for President. Already have TWO people interested in running for President of the United States. Need volunteers willing to circulate nominating petitions, especially for President, requiring 5,000 signatures statewide and 200 in each of the 11 Congressional Districts.
Email address *
Would you be interested in running as a Constitution Party of Virginia candidate for Member of the House of Representative or Senate? *
Would you be interested in helping CP Candidates obtain ballot access this year,?Collecting signatures going door to door? Getting candidates on the ballot help the CP gain media exposure at debates. *
Would you be interested in handing out CPV flyers at the polls during the May "Constitutional Office" races? *
Would you be interested in building a CP Unit in your City or County? *
What Congressional District do you live in? Not sure what CD you live in go here fill in the requested informatioin, scroll down after submitting the info required to find your CD. *
Would you be interested in donating to the Constitution Party of Virginia to support ballot access next year for President or Vice-President of the United States? We are a building party and we rely on small donations, if 10,000 people contributed $100, that would be $1 Million and with 10,000 VOLUNTEERS we can gain ballot access in a week. *
Would you be interested in collecting signatures on a Presidential Nominating Petitions to get the Constitution Party Nominees for President or Vice President next year? Have from 1/1/2020 - Primary Day for Congressional Candidates in 2020 (over 6 months). *
Would you be interested in being an Elector included on the Presidential Nominating Petitions one in each of the eleven Congressional Districts and two at Large. Need names and addresses to be included on the President/VP Petitions *
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