The #1 Goal Self-Evaluation
The world’s most successful people have this in common:

They know how to identify a single focal point to guide their efforts. They work toward that #1 Goal with consistency rather than being sidetracked.

To find your own #1 Goal related to your project or business, fill out this quick exercise.

After completing this exercise, you’ll have a well-stated goal and you’ll have a method in place for using it to guide your work each day.

You can only have one #1 Goal.

Choose carefully, because this #1 Goal will be the standard by which you judge what you have time for each day—and what you don’t. The goal needs to rise out of your Core Motivation, so we’ll identify that first.

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10 Questions to Identify Your Core Motivation
*For each question, try to answer in 1 short sentence (2 maximum). Give your “top of mind” answer—whatever ideas come most immediately.

*We'll email you a copy of your completed exercise once you finish.
1. Briefly describe your project or business. What kind of project/business do you have? *
2. What’s working well? *
3. What’s your reason for having your project or business? *
4. What kind of person is your project or business designed to help or serve? *
5. Where do you want your project or business to be in 12 months? *
6. Where do you want your project or business to be in 60 days? *
7. What will it look like for you (personally) when you get the results you’re working toward? (In other words, what’s your personal motivation for building this project or business?) *
8. How strongly committed are you to seeing this project or business succeed? Why? *
9. What is at stake for you if you don’t achieve that level of success? What will you be missing out on? *
10. Assuming you haven’t yet achieved that level of success, why do you think you haven’t yet been able to do it on your own? Where are you stuck? *
Create Your Tangible #1 Goal.
In light of answers you’ve written above, now write one quantifiable, time-bound goal that would move you in the direction you need to go.

For instance, “I will be earning $X/month through such and such kind of work, as of this specific date (In most cases, a date 2-3 months from now will be a good timeframe to work with).

Choose a number that stretches you but also seems within the realm of possibility.

You can change this number later if you need.

What matters is that you choose a direction.
My Tangible #1 Goal Is ______  (Make sure to include a numeric value and a date.) *
Once you’ve written your Tangible #1 Goal, follow it up with a Core Motivation. (Review your answers to questions #7-9 for ideas.) Fill in the blank: “I want this so that I can ________.” *
Next Steps:
It’s time for the payoff. Let's apply what you’ve done.

Your #1 Goal can serve as a compass for you—if you actually look at it.

How often do you need to look at it?

If you want it to serve as a compass, you should check it at least once per day—and whenever you are making decisions about which way to go.

Memorize your #1 Goal and always keep it fresh in your mind.
If someone were to call you on the phone in the middle of the night and ask what your #1 Goal is, could you say it without hesitation?

When you have that kind of clarity about your #1 Goal, it will naturally occur to you to think about it at important decision points.

You face many decisions throughout the day—and many opportunities. What is your standard for saying yes or no?

Your #1 Goal becomes that standard.

Each working day you need to make progress toward your #1 Goal in some specific way.

Therefore, whatever action moves you toward that #1 Goal needs to be first on your list.

Everything else—by definition—has to be next in line.
A Note on Core Motivation:
It's crucial that your tangible #1 Goal is attached to a Core Motivation.

Each time you review the #1 Goal, review the Core Motivation too.

That will help you stay 100% aware of your motivation for those times when distractions and forgetfulness start to threaten your sense of clarity and commitment.

Your #1 Goal will be useless without a system.
You need a system in place for reviewing the #1 Goal and Core Motivation each day, first thing when you start your work.

We recommend writing it on a sticky note and leaving it somewhere you will always see it. Make a routine of always reading it aloud.

This will become a habit. It takes less than a minute, but it will set your entire day in the right direction.
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