How can I help Jen defeat Mark Johnson?
This quiz was paid for by Jen Mangrum for NC. The quiz is designed to help Jen's team get to know Jen's supporters, and i inform them how they can BEST utilize your skillsets and resources.
What is your name? *
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What is your preferred email address? (We promise to send as few emails as possible.) *
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What city do you live in? *
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Which concerns you most?
How often can you spread the word that Dr. Jen Mangrum is running for Superintendent of Public Instruction?
Are you willing to change your profile picture to an image that reads JOHNSON MUST GO, or something similar?
Are you willing to change your COVER PHOTO on Facebook to an image that reads JOHNSON MUST GO, or something similar?
Would you be willing to write a letter to the editor or an op-ed about Jen or Johnson?
Are you following Jen on Twitter and Instagram? @jenmangrumfornc
Can you pledge to check Jen's social media at least once a week?
Would you be willing to host a large event for Jen?
Are you a socialite? We need party people!
This campaign needs face to face contact! Are you willing to canvas for Jen? (Note: we only canvas houses that vote Democrat or independent.)
Do you have any special skills that could be useful to the campaign (DJ-ing, social media, web design, art, design, photography, videography, music, PR, fundraising, networking, event planning, law, etc)? We need all hands on deck!
Your answer
Do you know of any resources that you or someone you know could donate to the campaign? A useful LOCATION, a service like high volume printing, screen-printing, (free) catering, or shipping. A tent, shipping envelopes, card stock, printer ink, button maker, camera equipment, pickup truck, stamps, etc? *All donations are recorded using an in-kind donation form.
Your answer
Do you know a business that would be willing to hang a Jen 2020 flyer in their window?
Do you know anyone who might be willing to make a significant donation to Jen?
Are you willing to endorse Jen in a short video clip?
Are you a skilled writer, public speaker, publicist, lawyer, or consultant who can help coach Jen?
Do you know of an event in the next ten months that Jen would benefit from attending?
Do you have food or drinks that you could donate to the campaign? (For the interns, the volunteers, or for events.)
Can you help Jen arrange a talk, interview, or other speaking opportunity?
Do you have any creative ideas for how Jen can earn publicity/media attention?
Your answer
Do you have the ability to consult Jen on certain issues (segregation in schools, sexual orientation in schools, busing, curriculum, assistant teaching, etc)?
Would you be willing to host a meet and greet or a postcard party (postcards provided) for Jen?
How interested are you in a pro-Jen yard sign? They cost the campaign $5 a piece.
Do you know of a talented musical artist or band that would be willing to perform for free at one of Jen's events?
Do you know of a GREAT location for our big Beat Johnson Boogaloo this summer? We want a party place, like a large piece of land, a house with a pool, a rooftop in a metropolitan area, a beach house, a lake house, a restaurant that would close down for a night, etc.
Do you know someone well-connected that Jen should meet? Or someone who is a prominent "stakeholder" in education or NC politics? Or just someone who would be helpful to know?
Would you be willing to help Jen address thank you letters?
Do you have any other thoughts, ideas, or suggestions you'd like to share with Jen now?
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