CCSF Advanced Mandarin Courses, Fall 2017 Application Session - Monday, April 10, 5-7 pm
Please complete the information below to RSVP for this session. Families that RSVP by Monday, 4/3 will receive a CCSF Parking Pass. 請填妥以下的回條。如於4月3日前填妥回條,可得到CCSF泊車證乙張。

Parents: If you have already attended the 3/20 information session at Roosevelt, you can drop off your students.
家長注意:假如你已經參與了3月20日於Roosevelt 初中的會議,你可讓子女自行參與是次報名會議。

Who will be attending from your family? 有誰會跟你一起參加?
Student's First Name 學生名字
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Student's Last Name 學生姓名
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Student's Email Address 學生電郵
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Will you be attending an SFUSD High School for Fall 2017? 下學年你會就讀三藩市校區的高中嗎?
Grade (as of Fall 2017) 2017年8月你會是幾年級?
Parent's First Name 家長名字
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Parent's Last Name 家長姓氏
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Parent's Email Address 家長電郵
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Parent's Phone Number 家長電話
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Do you need translation service? 你需要翻譯服務嗎?
If so, what language? 如需要,什麼語言?
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