JoCo Cruise 2022 "I Want to Join Club SRO" Application
Please submit this form FOR EACH GUEST who wants to sign up for Club SRO on JoCo Cruise 2022 (or have the guest complete it for themselves). If you don't know what Club SRO is, please see our FAQ:

Completing this form DOES NOT guarantee you membership in Club SRO; you will be contacted by the Home Office regarding your status, and with additional information as applicable.

The JoCo Cruise FAQ contains further information regarding the Club SRO program. If you have further questions about the program, please email
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Please enter your first and last name (or, if you're submitting for someone else, their first and last name) as it appears on your JoCo Cruise 2022 booking.
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If you've reached this form via the link provided in your 2022 booking confirmation email, this should be automatically filled in already. Otherwise, please enter your JoCo Cruise Booking Number
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