Groundtruthing Registration/Registracion de Groundtruthing
form is for community interest in participating in the East LA Groundtruthing that will happen with support from LA County.
What is your name? Cual es tu nombre? *
How old are you? (if you are under 18, you will need a parental consent form that will be e mailed to you)/Cuantos años tienes? (menores de 18 tendrán que obtener una forma de consentimiento firmada por padres/guardian que sera enviada a correo eléctronico) *
What is your phone number? Numero de Telefono? *
What is your e mail? Cual es tu correo electronico? *
Do you need childcare? Ocupa cuidado de niñ@? *
Do you have any dietary restrictions? If yes, please tell us below/Tiene restricciones dieteticas? (Describa abajo)
What site would you be training at? Cual entrenamiento va a ser su atendéncia?
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