Renaissance Module Scholarship Application
Scholarships are now available to LREDA members who need financial support to attend Renaissance Modules. These scholarships are subject to approval of the LREDA Budget at the annual meeting on June 17th.

To learn more and register for Modules go here:

Scholarship applications for Ren Mods taking place between July 1st 2021 and June 30th 2022, will be initially reviewed and awarded on June 1st. If funds are available after that first round, later applications will be accepted throughout the year until all the funds (up to $4000) have been awarded.

These funds are primarily for educators not in the Credentialing Program.
If you are enrolled in the Credentialing Program and need financial support, please apply for a Credentialing Scholarship:

The UUA has a sliding scale of fees for Ren Mods, if awarded a scholarship please pay the full cost option on the application form and LREDA will reimburse 50% of the cost.

Funds for religious educators are also available from the UUA:
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Scholarship monies will be provided once you have taken the Renaissance Module. Send an email to once the Renaissance Module is completed, detailing your name, address, phone number and module taken. *
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