Registration for Secondary Applied Music Lessons (MUAP 131 or 531)
All CWRU students are welcome to register in applied music lessons for academic credit through the Joint Music Program with faculty members of CIM. This form is to be used to request registration in secondary lessons (MUAP 131 or 531); applied study by a music minor/non-major or a music major on a secondary instrument.

Recommendations for beginning students (music minors/non-majors):
- Must have a basic foundation for reading music or complete MUTH 103/MUTH 104 prior to taking lessons.

- Start secondary lessons for 1.00 credit unit and then discuss increase to 2.00 units with the instructor.
After completing this form:
- The CWRU Music Office will contact the CIM Registrar to confirm studio space (based on student interest).

- Once the instructor is assigned, the enrollment permission in SIS is released and the student will receive an email with the course information for registration.

- The student will be asked to contact the instructor to arrange their weekly lesson time.
Additional information:
- Medical Students and Law Students must have "career restriction" permissions from the School of Medicine or School of Law before enrolling in applied music lessons.

- Students taking lessons through the CIM Preparatory & Continuing Education Department are not provided access to CWRU practice facilities.

- Performance based courses, such as applied music lessons (MUAP) or ensembles (MUEN) can be used toward free elective credit, but they DO NOT satisfy general breadth requirements (e.g., humanities).

- Students must be able to provide their own instrument. The Department of Music does loan out instruments to ensemble members. Please email the director of your ensemble with any questions.

- Once a student begins lessons they will study with the same instructor unless otherwise indicated by the Music Office.

- Students have the option of taking 30-minute lessons for (1.00 credit unit) or 60-minute lessons for (2.00 credit units). Select the correct amount when prompted in SIS during registration.
Applied Lesson Fees:
- Music minors/non-majors pay an additional fee for lessons. These fees, per semester, are $750 for 30-minute lessons each week at (1.00 credit unit) or $1,500 for 60-minute lessons each week at (2.00 credit units).

- These fees are added to the term bill from the Bursar's Office following Drop/Add (2nd Friday of semester).

**NOTE: These fees are not covered by the tuition waiver.
- Please visit the Music Office (Haydn Hall, 201) or complete this form during each registration period to enroll for the upcoming semester.

Questions: Jennifer Wright (
Email address *
Name *
Network ID *
Student ID *
Level of study *
Major/Program of Study *
Please list all majors (use full degree title and not just the abbreviation).
Expected Graduation *
What is your expected graduate date (term)?
Instrument/Voice to Study *
Semester *
Indicate the semester you would like to enroll in lessons (i.e. Spring 2021, Fall 2021, etc.). No summer lessons available.
Instruction Mode *
Are you fully remote or studying on campus during the semester you plan to take lessons?
Credit Units *
Indicate the number of credit units you plan to take : 1.00 credit units = 30-min lessons and 2.00 credit units = 60-min lessons. Lessons typically take place each week for a total of 7.5 hrs of study (1.00 credit) or 15 hrs of study (2.00 credits) per semester.
Previous Musical Experience *
[Minors/Non-Majors] Do you have any prior musical experience? Have you studied privately? What are your musical goals? [Beginners] Can you read music? Have you completed MUTH 103 and/or MUTH 104? [Music Majors] Why are you interested in taking lessons on a secondary instrument/voice?
Current MUAP Section
If currently enrolled in lessons, please list course number/section (MUAP) and the name of your CIM instructor.
Current Ensemble (MUEN)
If currently enrolled in an ensemble, please list course number/section (MUEN) and the name of the ensemble.
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