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We welcome makers from all courses at MIT. Seriously!
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Can you commit 4 hours per week to being a MakerLodge mentor?
If you can't, give us a really really good reason why
What are you other commitments for the semester?
How many units are you taking? What clubs are you in? Do you have a UROP? etc.
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Why do you want to be a mentor?
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What do you think is most important to maintaining a safe making environment?
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What's your favorite making skill?
Hammering, glassblowing, making mailing lists, sewing, etc.
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Please rate your experience with 3D printers
This won't affect your chances
I made a pop up card on a 2D printer once!
Look at this cool Trex shower head I made!
Please rate your experience with Laser Cutters
Neither will this
No Experience
Lots of experience
Please rate your experience with Hand Tools
Nor this one
No Experience
lots of experience
Please rate your experience with bandsaws
Again, your chances won't be affected by this question
Is that like the musical saw?
Look at this cool 3D reindeer I made on the bandsaw!
Please rate your experience with Drill Presses
This also won't affect your chances
I've used a hand drill before
Everything I own is covered in holes
You're given one roll of duct tape, a sheet of foam core, some wooden dowels, 16 paperclips and 7 wheels. What do you make?
Assume you have any tools you want at your disposal (please have fun with this question)
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Anything else you want to share?
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