Citywide Poets Writer-in-Residence Application

Citywide Poets (CWP) is InsideOut's after school program for teen writers aiming to foster artistic excellence by sustaining a community of youth artists. This is achieved through weekly writing workshops at sites throughout Metro Detroit offering numerous performance opportunities and publication of students' original work.

To learn more about Citywide Poets, follow this link

Over the 2019/2020 School year, we will be providing 10 High School sites and 4 Middle School sites. When choosing your grade-level preference, please be sure to provide your background with these grade levels.

Each CWP site is facilitated by a writing mentor who is an experienced artist and who is responsible for planning weekly sessions focused on elements of craft and performance. An assistant writer supports administrative tasks and gains experience in the field. Interested writers should have a background in creative writing including published and/or performing art. Artists of other genres who have limited creative writing experience are also encouraged to apply. Experience working with the 13 - 19 y/o age group is preferred.

This form should take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. You must complete the entire form in one attempt — your answers will NOT be saved. Applicants should also send a resume and 2- 3 pages of a work sample to after completing this application. Failure to provide resume and writing sample will remove your application from consideration.

Please be detailed and offer us a sense of your experience and personality!
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Share any knowledge or experience you have regarding youth safety physically, mentally, or emotionally. This could be an anecdote about providing a safe space for a youth or an overview of standard practices from a previous employer.
CWP sessions are 2 hours in length and they occur during the after school hours. What days can you be available after school (between 3pm - 7pm)? CHOOSE AS MANY AS APPLY *
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