2021 Pinehill School Health and Physical Education Community Consultation
At Pinehill School we are currently reviewing our health and physical education curriculum, to make sure it meets the needs and expectations of our whanau.

The below sections are within the New Zealand Health and Physical Education curriculum, that reflect the current needs of our students. We are asking you to complete the following survey by Wednesday 9 June, this will allow us to adjust our plans and make the curriculum as relevant as possible to our students needs.

This survey contains sections of questions and additional comments section. It should take around 15 minutes to complete.

The different sections are:
1. Wellbeing and Mental Health
2. Sexuality education. (As it is suitable of each each year group)
3. Food and Nutrition
4. Physical activity
5. Outdoor education
6. Comments and concerns

Each comment can be answered on a scale from - Not important to Vitally Important.
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