Questionnaire for SMEs
The aim of the questionnaire is to collect already existent experiences about the promotion of entrepreneurship in the field of the agri-food sector. The countries where the questionnaire is spread out are: Belgium, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Spain. In each of this country, stakeholders are requested to participate in the below questionnaire, in order to prepare next action about the training activities (how to support the entrepreneurship) for agrifood entrepreneurs
All questions are referred to the agri-food sector.
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Questions about the promotion of the Customer Orientation
Do you know how to meet customers' wishes? *
Do you know how to understand customers' needs and interests? *
Do you know how to combine customers’ desire and smes’ needs? *
Do you know how to manage the feedbacks from customers? *
Questions about the promotion of the Market Knowledge
Do you know how is structured the market with offer and demand? *
Do you know Who are the main competitors for you? *
Do you know What are the best channels for the distribution of products and services? *
Questions about the innovation activities of a new product and/or the quality of an already existent productd Title
Do you know how can you adapt the existent products to the variety and new demand of the market? *
Is it simple to recognise new business opportunities? *
What kind of adaptation you can have in relation to the market changes? *
Is it possible to develop a new product in order to be on the market with the major competitors? *
Is it possible to develop a new product with own knowledge or do you need a support? *
Questions about strengthen of the Management capacity in rural areas
Do you know any information about the efficiency of the agrifood sector in your country? (for example: in relation to be task- and/or result-oriented, to achieve constant results, to identify priorities leading to one specific objectives, to deal with tasks quickly) *
Questions about Financial knowledge
Do you know how calculate direct and indirect costs? *
Do you know how calculate the cost for providing all products/services? *
Do you know how forecast the impact of financial changes on the business? *
Do you know how calculate business' break-even point? *
Questions about Internationalisation
Do you know how build a business plan? *
Do you know how map economic processes? *
Do you know if is it possible to anticipate the consequences of the decision to go to the international market? *
Do you know how identify the actual costs associated with the new market development? *
Do you know how evaluate company resources to export opportunities? *
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