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This is the sign-up sheet for the 3-hour Go workshop at ISSW 2019.

Friday, March 29th 2019

- This workshop is 3 hours of hands-on coding -- a full laptop battery is a good idea
- You must do this pre-work (~20min) to get set up **BEFORE** the workshop -


In this 3-hour workshop, infosec interloper Trevor Rosen will teach you the basics of Go, the Google-originated programming language behind Docker, Kubernetes, Keybase, Lantern, CoreOS, and more. Start from “hello world” and end with a concurrent, 2-endpoint web server. Along the way you’ll learn practical basics like data serialization, dependency injection, testing, and (of course!) get your feet wet with Go’s powerful concurrency support.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll go forth and perform wondrous deeds like finding sweet vulns in container runtimes or the Kubernetes control plane. Or use the excellent stdlib and static compilation to write the next awesomely portable security tool that everyone hateloves!

--Speaker Bio--
Trevor Rosen is a Principal Architect in the R&D group at SolarWinds, where he focuses on cloud monitoring and ops, mostly in Go. If he looks vaguely familiar, it might be because he worked at Rapid7 for four years here in Austin. He also enjoys the game Go. Go figure.

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