2020 Coaching Expression of Interest - Palena Netball Club
Please complete to express your interest in coaching for Palena in 2020
Coaching expectations 2020 - Please read before continuing
Prior to submitting your interest, please take into account the commitment involved in coaching. Club coaching is a 7-8 month commitment and in 2020 we want to ensure that players have access to dedicated coaches who are available during the entire season - including pre-season. We welcome, encourage and will support first time coaches, however, to ensure you are aware of the expectations of coaching at Palena, please contact Semele (junior head coach - juniorheadcoach@palenanetballclub.com.au) or Ash (senior head coach - ashleehales@y7mail.com) to discuss.

If you are aware of any extended periods of time you'll be away during the season, please note this at the end of the form.

Coaches in 2020 will be expected to encourage players to attend club functions and support fundraising events. Coaches will be expected to endorse the Palena "whole of club" culture and ensure that they, and their players, adhere to the Palena and STNA Codes of Conduct throughout the season.

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Age or Grade preference (if applicable)
List specific grade or age/division if known (e.g 15d, W2), otherwise - For seniors, list grade range preference e.g High/Low (High = 21a/b or W1-W3, Low = 21c or W4-W7). For juniors, list age and division preference if you have one, e.g. 13 High, 17 Low (High = Div 1/2 - Low = Div 3,4 or 5)
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Previous coaching experience *
Club coaching only (last 5 years) - List years coached and grade/age division. New coaches, list "none". List other relevant information such as coaching courses completed etc
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Are you willing to mentor a junior member *
A responsible junior member will be assigned to assist your team. They will have a desire to learn more about coaching and will assist you at training and games. For more information, contact Semele.
Will you have an assistant coach or regular helper
If yes, please list their name(s)
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Working with Vulnerable People
Any person 16 years or older wanting to coach a JUNIOR TEAM will need a current Working with Vulnerable People registration (at your own cost - $19 approx) and be registered as a member of the club.
Any person 16 years or older assisting a junior team is also required to have a Working with Vulnerable People registration.
Register here:
Working with Vulnerable People registration
For JUNIOR TEAMS. Please enter your registration number. This will need to be provided prior to commencement of coaching duties
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Working with Vulnerable People Expiry Date
For JUNIOR TEAMS. Please enter your registration expiry date. This will need to be provided prior to commencement of coaching duties
Are you interested in attending coaching courses in 2020 (these may be STNA or club provided)
Are you aware of any periods of time you will be away or unavailable during the season (between February and September 2020)
If yes, please list details and dates
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