Final Report—50by40 Grants
The purpose of the Final Report is to provide written documentation of the work completed under this grant. It should provide a high-level summary of your relevant work and progress. The responses in this form are subject to use at 50by40’s discretion.

All questions have a maximum character count of 2000. Please do not feel compelled to use the full amount for each response, and keep answers straightforward and to the point.
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Organization name *
Proposal Title *
Start Date of award *
End Date of award *
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List the targeted geographic region(s). *
Briefly summarize the scope of your project and your implementation progress over the entire grant period. *
Address whether you met the outcomes stated in your proposal, and what facilitated or impeded your ability to meet them. Provide quantitative assessment whenever possible. *
Comment on any additional unanticipated outcomes, such as forming partnerships, identifying additional funding support, making progress on longer-term goals, etc. Again, provide quantitative assessment whenever possible. *
Detail any relevant media coverage or other public recognition of the work that resulted from this proposal. *
Describe some of your biggest setbacks or challenges in carrying out this proposal. *
Detail any ways in which you deviated from the original vision put forth in your proposal, including methods and budget. Note this is not an attempt to measure the amount of adherence to the proposal, rather it seeks to understand your strategic thinking process. *
Discuss how any lessons learned will be incorporated in future projects, or disseminated or shared with other organizations engaged in similar work. *
If relevant, share a success story.
List any suggestions you have for how we might improve the grant process in the future.
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