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Foster Application
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FOSTER REQUIREMENTS AND AGREEMENT                                                                • The foster must be at least 21 years of age.  • The foster home will provide a proper diet with appropriate amounts and schedule. • The foster animal will always have access to fresh water.  • Proper exercise, both physical and mental, and love, will be provided to the foster animal.• You will provide prompt veterinary care if the animal becomes sick or injured and you will notify  a Renko representative of the incident ASAP.  • You will use a veterinarian approved by Renko  • You will work to develop the basic fundamentals of obedience (including but not limited to, potty training, sit, stay and leash walking).  • You will not alter the appearance of the animal in any way, including but not limited to, ear  clipping, tail docking, declawing.  • You will ensure any potential dangerous/toxic substances or choking hazards are out of the  reach of the foster animal.  • If you are unable to transport the animal to the veterinarian or an event, you will notify RENKO  ASAP so that we can make arrangements to transport the animal.  • You are aware that animals can be destructive and accept that risk. You will keep any valuable  or sentimental items out of reach and release RENKO, its officers, directors and volunteers from  any liability.  • When you are away from home the animal will be either crated or gated in a safe, preapproved  area.  • During parties or gatherings in your home, the animal will be crated or gated in a safe,  preapproved area away from unfamiliar guests and frequently opened doors.  • You will not enroll the foster animal in a daycare or training program without permission by  Renko.  • You will provide at minimum, monthly updates with pictures of the foster animal to Renko's  foster liaison.  • You agree to provide any requested updates by Renko within 48 hours of the request. • You agree to allow a Renko representative to make inquiry or visit premises where the animal  resides, as deemed necessary by Renko, and as such, entry will not be deemed as trespass • If the environment is deemed unsafe or unsuitable, the animal will be immediately removed and  brought back into the custody of Renko.  • As a foster, you will have first right to adopt. You will have 10 days {unless otherwise specified)  or until age appropriate vetting is complete, whichever is the latter, to put in for adoption. After this point the animal will be posted for public adoption• If you have a change in your living situation, such as location or occupants, you will notify Renko.• You will keep your contact information up to date with Renko.• CATS. All cats are to be kept indoors only.  • DOGS. All dogs will be kept on leash with collar/tags/harness provided by Renko, any time they  are outside of a fenced area. A collar and tags will be kept on even when inside a fenced area.  • All animals are to be kept as indoor animals.  • No animals shall be kept on tie outs unattended.  • You will not sell, give away, withhold or transfer care of the animal.  • If you will be away from home in which a walker or sitter or temporary transfer to another  foster home is needed, Renko will be notified no less that ten (10) days prior to event. We  realize emergencies happen, we just ask for notice ASAP in both situations so we can garner  arrangements for the animal.  • Purchases made by the foster requiring reimbursement by Renko will be made with a copy of  the receipt provided to Renko.  • If any purchases such as food, toys, grooming, vet care, etc. are provided by the foster for the  animal in which the foster does not seek reimbursement from Renko, a receipt of such care will  be provided to the foster from Renko for tax purposes upon request.  • Renko takes every precaution to assure the health and safety of the animals. Renko will disclose  all health or temperament assessments made by or known to us. However, you acknowledge  Renko DOES NOT guarantee the health, behavior, condition or temperament of the animal and  as such, you hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless Renko, its directors, officers and  volunteers from and against all claims of liability for damages to persons or properties caused by  this animal while in your care.  • I am voluntarily signing this agreement and entering into a legal and binding contract with  Renko.  I waive any challenge to venue and agree the appropriate venue for any legal matter  shall be Kendall County.  • I voluntarily submit myself to the jurisdiction of Kendall County regarding any legal claims made  by or between Renko.                                                                                                                                       We realize the legalities to ensure the safety of our animals, our fosters and Renko can sound off putting, but please know how much we appreciate you.  Foster homes save the lives of our  animals and we are truly grateful.  We are here to support and help you and to ensure the  success of both you and our animals.    
Type your full name below if you agree that all questions have been answered honestly and to the best of your knowledge.  In addition, you understand the requirements of becoming a foster *
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