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As a Coach we help connect people who are seeking support towards reaching their health goals. We use wellness programming designed by professional fitness trainers and registered dietitians. As Coaches, we are essentially the cheerleaders who support the clients as they go through the process. We hold them accountable with their workouts, guide them through our simple nutrition programs and most importantly, help them get results. Once they've learned how to do that, we assist these clients in duplicating the process and teach them how to launch their own part-time online fitness business.

How cool is it that you help others better themselves and while also earning an income, too? It is the perfect way to maintain your own positive health at the same time. No brainer!

This opportunity is the gateway to FREEDOM. Physically, mentally, emotionally, financially... whatever kind of freedom you desire.

With that being said, my mentorship is for people who understand that success comes with sacrifice, hard work and time. This is not an overnight success and you must be willing to put in the energy which includes the following:

Being a team player, openly inviting others to join you, learning how to use social media, showing up for team calls, be a product of our products and show compassion for others.

If this describes you, fill out this form and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours. We will set up a 20-minute call to find out if you'd be a good fit for this team.
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