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Many of these prompts ask you to write a paragraph or more in response. We recommend typing out (and saving!) your application in a separate document before filling it in here.
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Class Standing as of Fall 2021 *
What is the *total* number of credits you expect to have earned at the start of fall quarter 2021 from all classes and programs you have taken at the college level? This determines your class level. [if you have transferred credits (AP) or are a transfer student please include transfer credits, of course] *
CURRENT EVERGREEN STUDENTS: List the Evergreen programs and courses you have taken; STUDENTS NEW TO EVERGREEN: list the college-level courses you have taken elsewhere.
Which program are you applying for? *
CURRENT EVERGREEN STUDENTS: Copy and paste an evaluation you received from a faculty in an 8, 12, or 16 credit Evergreen program in the past year. We will accept in-house evaluations for a program still in progress. *Provide a brief explanation of the circumstances if you received less than full credit.* --OR-- STUDENTS NEW TO EVERGREEN: Paste the text of a recommendation offered by a professor or employer, along with their name, institution/company, and position. This does not need to be media-related; the letter should speak to your critical thinking, writing and communication skills, your capacity to work well with others, your dependability, etc. *
Read the catalog program descriptions for Mediaworks and SOS: Advanced Media Projects THOROUGHLY, underlining, circling, and taking notes. In 1-2 paragraphs, tell us how your artistic, academic, and personal background has led you to want to participate in one of these programs, as they are described in the catalog. What do you hope to learn? What interests do you have that might make their way into your work in this program? In order to demonstrate that you understand the focus of the program and that your learning goals and interests align with it, please refer to specific aspects of the program description in your answer. *
These programs emphasize cooperative and collaborative learning. We expect students to work in community on group and individual academic and creative assignments. In a paragraph, describe a) what “learning community” means to you, and b) the specific qualities, life experiences, academic interests and/or skills you have to contribute to the SOS or Mediaworks learning community. *We are interested in hearing about what you have you learned about yourself and about collaboration from working collaboratively with others.* *
Mediaworks and SOS will meet from 12 to 16 hours per week. They will require another 20-26 hours outside of class for collaborative and individual work needed to complete assignments and projects. Describe how you anticipate balancing this work with your other time commitments so that you will succeed in the program. *
Optional: Please tell us anything else you’d like us to know about you, your goals, or your work.
If you are applying for Mediaworks, stop here. If you are applying for SOS: Advanced Media Projects (or either/both), answer the following questions.
If you are applying to both programs because you are unsure which is a better fit, be sure to read the prerequisites for each program to make sure that you are eligible for a more advanced program like SOS. Explain here your reasons for applying to both programs.
The work you produce in the SOS program must build on your existing skills as well as new creative research you pursue in this program. a) How have your past media projects built you a strong foundation for project(s) you have in mind for this program? What skills did you develop working on those projects? What was some of the most significant learning you accomplished? b) Describe one or two ideas you have for work you might create within the SOS program. c) What existing skills do you hope to deepen through these projects? d) What kinds of new learning and research would you need to do to support the development of this work?
PORTFOLIO: Application to the SOS program requires you to submit a portfolio in the form of two (2) examples of your strongest media work. Provide a brief DESCRIPTION of each sample work here [Title, year made, length, for what class/program, why is this an example of your strongest work, made solo or collaboratively], ALONG WITH A LINK to view/listen online. OPTIONAL: In addition to these 2 examples of media work, you are welcome to include 1 or 2 examples of work in other mediums that demonstrate the skills and interests you would bring to the program (creative writing, photography, 2D or 3D work). Please include descriptions of these works as well and explain why you are including them.
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