Jeanie LoVetri Masterclass Participant Application
NEWZATS Conference 15-17 April 2020
Vocal Function for Young Singers

There will be 5 masterclasses taken by Jeanie LoVetri who specialises in CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music).
There will be 2 masterclasses taken by Christine Douglas who specialises in Classical and Dramatic Performance.

Jeanie will work with six singers per session, so up to 24 participants are sought.
Her first four sessions require singers who are 10-20 years of age, singing in any style.
Her fifth session requires singers who are teachers and can bring a song in a style other than their usual or favoured style.

Jeanie's topics are:
"Function or Fiction? - Singing Across Different Styles"
"Let the Children Sing! Part I - Ages, Stages & Changes of Kids and Teens’ Voices"
"Let the Children Sing! Part II - Realistic Expectations for Young Voices"
"Keeping Young Voices Healthy - Guidance for the YouTube Generation"
"Versatile Voice Teachers - Adaptability in Our Own Singing"

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