UIST Student Innovation Contest 2016 : Feeling the virtual with muscle stimulation!

Please register by August 1st, 2016, to participate in the contest. For more details including the theme of the contest, please visit the following website: http://tinyurl.com/uistsic2016details


Pre-Selection Criteria: Organizers will select a maximum of 20 teams judging your descriptions and image links by the following criteria:creativity of idea and complexity of idea (we encourage to think wild but keep in mind this has to be realized within the timeframe of the contest) .

Team Size: The minimum team size is 1; maximum is 4.

Team Composition: An individual student cannot be part of multiple teams.

Eligibility Requirement: You must be a student to participate in the contest. Students of all levels (High School, Bachelor's, Master's, PhD) are encouraged to participate. International students are welcome.

Registration Requirement: You must register for the contest and submit your idea and image link. If your team is accepted, at least one of your team members MUST register for the conference by August 10th. This is for three reasons: 1) You have to demo your idea, 2) You have to claim your prizes, and 3) UIST is an awesome conference.

Demo Ideas: During the contest voting period, teams will be allowed to demo one idea. Different demos of the same idea are permitted.

Hardware Provided: arduino, electrical muscle stimulation device (rehabilitation device), bluetooth control board, electrodes.
Support given: code tutorials, hardware setup-guides, skype coaching and troubleshooting.
Additional Equipment: Teams must bring supporting computers and hardware to run their demos. No equipment will be handed out at UIST.


Innovation comes in many forms, so we've decided to award 1st and 2nd place prizes in the three categories below:
Most Creative Interface
Best Implementation
People's Choice
The "Most Creative Interface" and "Best Implementation" category winners will be selected by the judges. The third category of "People's Choice" will be decided by UIST Conference attendees voting for their favorite projects.
We reserve the right to change the award structure based on a number of factors, such as (and not limited to) the number of participating teams.

If you need clarification on any part of this form, drop us a line at studentinnovation@uist.org
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