$3,000 Gap Year Scholarship Application
Why do you want to take a gap year? Tell us why and you could win a scholarship to make those dreams become a reality! USA Gap Year Fairs is proud to grant $3,000 scholarships to two passionate future gap year students who meet the following eligibility requirements:

- Plan to take gap time between May 2020 - May 2021
- Participate with at least one USA Gap Year Fairs Keystone Program or Advisor (see list below and/or browse programs here: https://www.gooverseas.com/gap-year/usa-fairs/programs)
- Agree to share a reflection of their gap year experience with the public

The 2020 scholarships are generously supported by Go Overseas & USA Gap Year Fairs, Center for Interim Programs, and J2 Guides.

Submissions are due by April 30th. Winners will be announced in May.
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Please select any gap year programs you are considering for your 2020-2021 gap year. We realize that your plans may change, but we want to know where you're thinking of going! *Gap year advisors are marked with an asterisk. If you are working with a USA GYF advisor, you can participate in any program and/or you can build your own experience with their guidance.
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Please the name and contact information for a sponsor here. Sponsors can be gap year advisors, teachers, counselors, gap year program admissions contacts, etc.)
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Part 1 of 2: Written Proposal *
Why do you want to take a gap year? We want to know! Tell us why (in 500 words or less) and you could win a scholarship to make those dreams become a reality!
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Part 2 of 2: Creative Submission *
Bring your application to life! Film a video, write a song, craft a poem, take a photograph, draw a logo, sketch, design something that reflects why you want to take gap time. Creative submissions can be emailed to fairs@gooverseas.com with the subject line "2020 SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST" by April 30th. Please include your name, phone number, and hometown in the body of the email.
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