2019 STM School - Girls Basketball Sign Up
It's time to register for STM School's 2017-18 Girls' Basketball Season. Deadline to register is on Feb.1st, 2019.
The fee is $150 but there is an early payment discount of $125 if paid by Feb.15, 2019.
Uniforms will not be issued if fees have not been paid.

Please submit cash or a check payable to the St Thomas More Athletic Board.

Please use a separate form for each child.

For questions, email: JKav@stmsf.org

Please note – If your child is not attending STM School in the Fall and is interested in playing with the school teams, they may still be able to play provided they live or attend school within the parish's San Francisco boundaries or obtain a letter from the parish that they are registered parish members. If you are interested, please send us an email at JKav@stmsf.org and we will get in touch to work out the details.

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School (if not St Thomas More)
Non-STM students can qualify to play with STM teams under CYO Rules if they meet one of three conditions: (1) They live within school boundaries (which includes only San Francisco addresses in the area of the school); or (2) They attend school within school boundaries; or (3) They (or their families) have been registered parish members of STM for at least 6 months and/or they are regular attendees at parish CCD classes. A letter to this effect must be obtained from the parish rectory and presented at registration time. The boys' sport coordinator will pre-screen all non-STM students for these eligibility requirements before CYO rosters are submitted. Lastly, the decision to include a non-STM student on an STM team is at the sole discretion of the Athletic Board and it's Executive Board will take into consideration factors such as roster size and the impact of another player on the playing time of STM players.
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AAU/Club Player *
Release for Participation *
I, the undersigned, realizing that there is risk inherent in any recreational, competitive and instructional activity, and in consideration of my (my child) being allowed to participate in this activity, I personally assume all risks in connection of the said event. I further agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless St. Thomas More School, its administration, officials, and coaches from any and all claims and liabilities of any type whatsoever, and for damages to, loss or destruction of any property or injury, sickness or death which may now or hereafter arise out of, result from, or in any way be connected with my participation in said activity. I understand it is my responsibility to obtain health insurance. I further state that I am of lawful age and legally competent to sign this release, that I understand the terms herein are contractual and are not mere recital, and that I have signed this document of my own free act
Parents Code of Conduct *
I acknowledge that our family has read the CYO Code of Conduct linked below and will abide by its provisions. https://athletics.cccyo.org/documents/parental_conduct.pdf
Snack Bar Hours *
For the 2018-2019 school year, all families with children that participate in school sports are required to volunteer for one (1) snack bar shift per school year. Snack bar duties include: setting up, selling food/drinks, disassembly, and cleanup. Unless there are unusual circumstances, each shift is between three and four hours in length, and typically run on Friday nights and Saturday mornings/early afternoons. Registered coaches and Athletic Board members are exempt.
Absenteeism Policy *
Players are expected to attend all team practices and games. When a player cannot attend a game the parent must notify the coach a minimum of 48 hours in advance and 4 hours in advance if a practice is to be missed (or less if there is illness or last minute emergency travel).
STM School is looking for Coaches
If you are interested in coaching, please fill out the following information.
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