TWE12VE Blogger Application
TWE12VE Monthly Event

First event opens Sept. 12th 2016 12 noon SLT


April- Rain
May- Bloom
June- Seaside
July- Dreams
August- Sizzle
September- Magic (this will be a special birthday month event w/ a $12L gift)
October- Darkness
November- Entertain
December- Sparkle

*Themes will change for the following year*

Event starts the 12th, lasts through the end of the month
Accepting bloggers with good quality photos, good traffic, multiple social media sites

Once you are accepted, it is mandatory to be in Evil Bunny Productions group until the end of the event. You will be sent a NC and group invite upon acceptance to the event.

Only bloggers with good quality pictures will be accepted.

Must be active within the past month and be active weekly.

We ask that you make 1 blog post before the event starts, and 2 blog posts/week during the event (total of approx 7 for the duration) However, there is no limit on how much you can post. If you blog for Evil Bunny Productions events, you are welcome to combine TWE12VE and the current event in your coverage. Be sure to provide the information on 2 separate NCs to fulfill your coverage requirements.
A NC with your links needs to be sent to Serenity Quar at the end of the event as well as sending a group notice advertising your posts.

The sim will be open on the 11th for blogger access.

Designers who want to provide bloggers with designs will send out packs in the Evil Bunny Productions group.

You are required to send a group notice with your post links and post photos on the group flickr.

This is a monthly event-all bloggers that fulfill requirements will be kept in the group and invited back for the next month. You do not need to reapply after you are accepted unless we remove your blogger tag for not meeting requirements. If you need to leave at any time, please send a note card to Allie Munro.

We will not send re-invite note cards each month-once you are accepted you will stay a blogger in the group until you decide to end your event coverage or do not fulfill the requirements for the event.

Event designer/manager-Allie Munro
Blogger manager-Serenity Quar

Apps open the 1st of the month for the next month's event (i.e. Sept. 1st for Oct. 12th event)
Event runs the 12th through the end of the month.
Booths to be picked up on the 1st of the next month or we'll return items to you.
Set-up for round will be the 8th-11th (4 days) for the round beginning on the 12th.
Designers must be set-up by 9pm SLT on the 11th
Event opens on the 12th at NOON SLT

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Do you understand the rules above for blogging for TWE12VE?
If you have questions, please contact Allie Munro
Besides you, you are allowed 1 other person in the group for your blog. Please list below the 2nd person-if you do not have one please put N/A
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