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The National Community Rights Network believes that the State CRNs, powered by their local communities, are the engines in this movement and our role is to encourage growth and create a supportive network to enhance all organized States that believe in the power of local self-government.

It is the long term goal of the NCRN to provide support, resources, education, Community Rights Workshops, and seminars to expand the knowledge of our current governmental constraints and give communities the tools they need to stand up for their inherent rights.

Would you like to establish a Community Rights Network in your state? Please complete the form below to introduce yourself, the issues faced by your community, and how the Community Rights Movement plays a role in your state.

Your answers to the questions below will help inform the NCRN board of your ongoing efforts - whether your group is already established or just starting out - we'd love to hear from you and see if there is an opportunity to grow the Community Rights Movement!

Before you begin - please make sure you have a baseline understanding of Community Rights.

Not everyone starts at the same point - If you are unable to answer a question please do your best to provide as much info as possible so we can see where support may be needed.
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Please review the following criteria items so that NCRN can better assist with establishing your state CRN. Please be specific and provided as much detail as possible.
You will have an opportunity to include additional information at the end.
The Mission of the NCRN is to assist our state Community Rights Networks to educate people across the country on local self-governance and community rights. Does your State CRN agree with this mission statement overall? *
A state network is only as strong as the local, grassroots efforts working to advancing change. Traditionally these local chapters establish the board of the State CRN. How many counties are currently active on Community Rights and Rights of Nature issues? Typically, these groups make up the board of your State CRN. *
Would your State CRN be willing to help foster and grow those relationships? Expanding at the State level is an important component.
Are you (or any of your local chapters) affiliated with other organizations? Be specific.
A new CRN must have a board comprised of a president, a secretary, and a treasurer, or composed in compliance with their state law concerning non-profit organizations. Please list your current board members, if any. *
As a state CRN your group must elect at least one person to represent your state on the NCRN board. Do you agree or disagree with this item? *
Do you need assistance setting up a 501c3?
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Thank you for submitting your application to the NCRN! The board will get back to you as soon as they have reviewed your application. We will contact you if more information is needed or desired.
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