Chesapeake Bay Market Research
Problem Statement
The U.S Environmental Protection agency has shown concern for pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. Pollution has been a problem as shown by the fact that the bay's health is only rated as 38% the desired value. Studies show that this pollution can be attributed to build-up of sediments and an excess of plastics and trash.​

Goal: Create a product that is affordable enough for a single activist to purchase but also usable by organizations.
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In a few sentences, how has pollution in the Bay impacted your livelihood?
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What forms of pollution in the Chesapeake Bay do you encounter ? *
What is your income level?
What action have you taken towards cleaning up the Bay?
What are you currently doing to prevent pollution in the Bay? Include methods and products which you currently use.
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How often do you dedicate time to cleaning up the Bay? *
Have you heard of any products that focus on cleaning the Chesapeake Bay? *
If "Yes", what are they and how do they work? If "No", why do you think that is? *
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Would you buy a product to take private action to clean the Bay? *
How much would you be willing to pay for a Bay cleanup product? *
What type of Bay cleanup focus is most important to you? *
How important is ease of use in a product like this? *
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