Evaluation - HIE R Course
For the R course held at IMAS 2-5 July

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below, and leave any comments that you think can help us improve this course. Any comments are welcome.

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1. How was the length of the course? *
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Tuesday AM - Basics of R / Reading and subsetting data
Tuesday PM - Special data types
Wednesday AM - Visualising data
Wednesday PM - Basic statistics
Thursday AM - Summarising, tabulating and merging data
Thursday PM - Linear modelling
Friday AM - Functions, lists and loops
Friday PM - Miscellaneous
2. What do you think of the overall setup of the course (lectures + practice time)? *
3. Please let us know which topics you thought were missing from the program.
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8. How many of the exercises did you complete during the course?
9. After this course, are you more or less likely to use R for your analyses: *
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12. What is your overall rating of this course? *
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