Cherry Blossom Training - Session Questionnaire
Help us get more information about you, so that we can better meet your training needs. If you would prefer to speak to a live representative, please call 301-943-9854.
Contact Information
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Please enter the name (first and last) of the contact person for this training.
Telephone *
What is the best telephone number to reach the contact person?
Type of Phone
Is the phone number listed above a cell phone, business, or residential number? (Residential numbers will NEVER be called after 6:00PM as a matter of courtesy)
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If this is a corporate training session, please write the company name below.
Payment *
Will the company above be making the payment for this training, or will it be through an individual?
Training Session Information
Please provide the following information about the training session so that we put together a session that best meets your needs.
Address of Preferred Training Location *
Please enter the full address where you would prefer this training to occur. If you would prefer to have an on-line training session, please write "On Line" in the field below. If you wish to have us reserve a location near you, please write "Please book for us" below your address
Number of Participants *
How many people will attend this training session?
Starting Date *
Please enter the starting date when you would prefer this training session to occur
Number of Days *
For how many days would you prefer this training session to last?
Software *
On which software are you interested in receiving training?
Technical Information
Please enter the following information about your computers and software needs
Computer *
Do you typically work on a laptop or desktop computer?
Operating System *
What is your preferred operating system
Computer Needs *
Will you provide your own computers, or will computers need to be brought to your location?
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